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مسحوق جاجوا 120 جرام

مسحوق جاجوا 120 جرام

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مسحوق جاجوا لفن الجسم ، حبر مسحوق مؤقت للوشم ، لفن موقع قران. المسحوق الوحيد المصنوع تحت عملية التجفيف بالتجميد الحديثة (التجفيف بالتجميد). مسحوق مجفف عصير جاجوا مركز. مسحوق Jagua الخاص بنا نقي وطبيعي 100٪ ونباتي ، ولم يتم اختباره على الحيوانات ، مسحوق Jagua مصنوع من عصير مستخلص فاكهة Genipa Americana من الأمازون البيروفي ، مع الأحدث تحت ضوابط صارمة لجودة مستحضرات التجميل واختبارها في أفضل المعامل في العالم.

بقعة مسحوق Jagua قوية جدًا وعليك توخي الحذر حتى لا تلمسها مباشرة لأنه سيكون لديك بقعة جميلة غير مرغوب فيها على بشرتك.

لا يحتاج مسحوق Jagua إلى التبريد ويستمر لأكثر من عامين ، لذا يمكنك السفر معه في أي مكان.


2.0 gr Jagua Powder
24 ml pure water
0.5 gr of Xanthan Gum
1.5 ml of essential oil

For every 2 gr of Jagua Powder, mix 0.5 gr of Xanthan gum & 5 gr of sugar. Add 24 ml of hot water and mix until the mixture dissolves completely in the water. Jagua powder is 100% water soluble.

Stir until you find the desired consistency; take some generous time to stir it until the thickener does its job. Finally, add the 1.5 ml oil and stir again until you have a uniform gel able to go out the needle. Now you can place the gel in an applicator or in a cone and blow your imagination by making beautiful designs.

Due to the nature of the product, designs created with powder always dry quickly and sometimes they usually create hard layers, this is normal!

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Customs Policy

Shipments internationally may encounter custom duty fees. The fees are based on the destination and the regulations of the country being shipped to. Every country has different importation procedures which are determined by its customs laws. Typically, the type of goods shipped and the value of that good are factors determining custom duties and taxes.

THE CUSTOMER will be responsible for paying the customs duty. For the United States, there are no customs charges. Since January 2022 in all European countries, customers pay taxes for $1 purchases. You as a customer have the responsibility to be aware of this possibles charges and verify if you will pay taxes or not.

Besides duties and taxes, senders or receivers can sometimes face extra clearance administration (ancillary) charges from the carrier or customs broker, these can be for advance payment of duties or for special clearance processing and approvals. take into account the DHL besides the carrier services and as customs agent also give customs clearance services.

JAGUA FACTORY company is excent of all responsibility for these customs charges and for any other charges that also the carrier can charge for their customs clearance services. If you don´t require DHL Customs clearance service, you can also inform them that you have your own external customs agent to release your order.

Even though Jagua Factory pays the shipping cost, this does not include other charges that the carrier can apply in the destination country. To avoid any surprises, ask your carrier or Customs agent what ancillary charges you can expect for your goods to clear customs in the destination country.

Care Instructions

Clean the part of the skin to be painted with alcohol.

Do a self-test before using the product.

Storage Instructions

Jagua Powder will last more than 4 year without refrigeration & can even be refrigerated to prolong its life. 

Jagua Powder must remain in proper conditions; away from moisture or very dry places.

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Livraison rapide، produits de qualité، Facile à l'utilisation et le rendu c'est magnifique.

أوامر C'est ma deuxième ، je suis toujours aussi content que recevoir les produits.

Merci pour ton professionnalisme!

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