How to Prepare Gel from Jagua Juice Ink?

If you are going to convert Jagua Juice or Jagua Powder into gel, it is recommended to use high quality ingredients to complete your gel process.

Basically, you will only need 2 ingredients: a thickener (Xanthan gum) and essential oils of your choice (Lavender, Rosemary Tea, Eucalyptus, etc).

First, add 0.5 gr of Xanthan gum in 28 ml of Jagua Juice and gently stir as long as necessary until you reach the desired gel consistency; Finally add 1.5 ml of essential oil of your choice and stir for a few minutes, now you can place it in a cone or plastic applicator and blow your imagination making the most beautiful designs. The gel can only last 2 months refrigerated in a temperature of +4 to +6°C. Just keep the gel fresh and prevent it from becoming ice.


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