What is Hengua?

Hengua or Jagua Henna Gel is nothing but a mixture of Jagua Powder or Jagua Juice Ink with Henna powder. For Hengua Gel, there is no official recipe. Let your imagination fly! 

Continue using the same ingredients that you normally use when preparing your Henna paste. The more Jagua you use, the darker will be to color of the stain.

You can create your own catalog of mixtures of Henna and Jagua and obtain the colors and tones desired.

After applying the final product on the skin, leave it at least 2 hours and then remove it with jet of cold water under pressure; at first you will get a shadow that will take its most powerful color within 24 to 48 hours.


Prepare Hengua with Henna & Jagua Powder.

Prepare Hengua with Henna & Jagua Juice Ink.
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