Get up to 50% off Wholesale packages.

JAGUA VIP is a program for our WHOLESALE customers and our purpose is to help you promote the use of Jagua in your own community with your own brand or as an ambassador for our Jagua Factory brand by providing you with additional free Jagua with every Wholesale purchase you make throughout the year .

Do you have an online store or do you plan to have one?
Do you do live workshops on IG, FB or Tiktok for your community?
Do you have a training academy for new menhdi artists?
We can give away 1 free Jagua Gel cone to each new student at your academy who begins their training. You can also give free Jagua samples to your community to grow your business.

When your community tries the product, they will love it for a lifetime and you will be their favorite supplier.

To be part of this program you only have to make a purchase of our products in the wholesale category and schedule an appointment with us to talk about your project and determine the amount of extra Jagua that we will send you for your project.
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