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What Is Jagua?

Jagua is blueish dye prepared from the Genipa Americana fruit. It has been used as a body art expression by the Shipibo Tribe; the oldest ethnic group in the Peruvian Amazon jungle for over 2,500 years. It’s also commonly known as Huito. From this unripe fruit is obtained a juice containing the Genipin substance which stains the skin with an amazing dark color.

How to prepare Jagua Gel with Jagua Powder?

For every 2 gr of Jagua Powder, mix 0.5 gr of Xanthan gum & 5 gr of sugar. Add 24 ml of hot water and mix until the mixture dissolves completely in the water. Jagua powder is 100% water soluble.

Stir until you find the desired consistency; take some generous time to stir it until the thickener does its job. Finally, add the 1.5 ml oil and stir again until you have a uniform gel able to go out the needle. Now you can place the gel in an applicator or in a cone and let your imagination fly by making beautiful designs.

Due to the nature of the product, designs created with powder always dry quickly and sometimes they usually create hard layers, this is normal!

How to prepare Jagua Gel with Jagua Juice?

First, add 0.5 gr of Xanthan gum in 28 ml of Jagua Juice and gently stir as long as necessary until you reach the desired gel consistency; Finally add 1.5ml of essential oil of your choice and stir for a few minutes, now you can place it in a cone or plastic applicator and blow your imagination making the most beautiful designs. The gel can only last 2 months refrigerated in a temperature of 4 – 6°c. Just keep the gel fresh and prevent it from becoming ice.

How long can I store Jagua?

JAGUA JUICE: It is a natural product that uses a food preservative accepted by the WHO (World Health Organization). This natural juice needs to remain under refrigeration between 3°C to 7°C.
If the Jagua Juice is refrigerated properly it may last up to 6 months and 20 days when the product is not refrigerated.

JAGUA POWDER: Must be kept away from moisture or very dry places. Jagua Powder will last 2 years without refrigeration under good storage conditions and it will last up to 4 years refrigerated.

JAGUA GEL: If you have not finished using the Jagua Gel, you should refrigerate it immediately. After 4 months the Jagua Gel will lose its power to stain the skin.

Just prepare Jagua Gel as you need it.

How to Apply Jagua Gel on the Skin?

Before using Jagua Gel, it is recommended to do a small test on the wrist; If you find that you are not allergic to natural products you can continue with the use of the product.

Step One: Apply the Jagua Gel to the skin.
Step Two: Allow it to dry on the skin for at least 2 hours. 
Step Three: Wash away the dry Jagua Gel with running water and soap. 
Step Four: At this Stage, the stain would be pale and blurry. 
Step Five: The Stain will completely develop into a dark-bluish stain after 24 hours. 

Jagua Health & Safety

Jagua Factory products are completely safe and don't contain any chemicals. They are made from Amazonian fruit, Jagua or Huito, and have been used by the Shipiba tribe of the Amazon Rainforest of Peru for hundreds of years to perform rituals, ceremonies, and dances.

Our products have been tested and analyzed by the prestigious Brazilian laboratory KOSMOCIENSE; and have been tested on different parameters of safety and quality with more than 50 volunteers for 3 months in order to check its safety, purity, and quality.

Due to the great results, our product has obtained the qualification of a: Hypoallergenic Product & Dermatologically Tested.

However, it is important to know that all natural products require a prior test in order to prove that you are not allergic to natural products.

Before using the product, it is recommended to do a small test on the wrist; If you find that you are not allergic to natural products you can continue with the use of the product.

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What are the payment methods?

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How do the shipments work?

WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING OVER USD$140.00*: All orders will be fullfilled from Perú.

VERY IMPORTANT: JAGUA FACTORY uses very safe packaging. You will receive a copy of your invoice and other security documents inside the package. The product is declared as "Art Supply". Generally the shipments comply with the promised times and reach their destination easily and punctually, however it is the responsibility of the customer to verify all the customs regulations in their country to avoid delays or unexpected returns.

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Do the products have any guarantee or warranty?

All of our products come with a 2-week warranty.

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