Everything You Need to Know About the Safety of Jagua Henna

Jagua Factory products are completely safe and don't contain any chemicals. They are made from Amazonian fruit, Jagua or Huito, and have been used by the Shipiba tribe of the Amazon Rainforest of Peru for hundreds of years to perform rituals, ceremonies, and dances. However, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon (think peanuts and strawberries).

Our products have been tested and analyzed by the prestigious Brazilian laboratory KOSMOCIENSE; and have been tested on different parameters of safety and quality with more than 50 volunteers for 3 months in order to check its safety, purity, and quality.

Due to the great results, our product has obtained the qualification of a: Hypoallergenic Product & Dermatologically Tested.

It is important to know that all natural products require a prior test in order to prove that you are not allergic to natural products.

Before using the product, it is recommended to do a small test on the wrist; If you find that you are not allergic to natural products you can continue with the use of the product. 

For external use only. Jagua Gel should not be taken internally.

Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, flush with copious amounts of water, and consult your doctor.

Allergic Reactions to Jagua

Body allergies are rare when using naturally derived dyes. Even though Jagua is a natural product, it is possible that some people have allergies not only to Jagua but to any of the ingredients of the final product, so it is recommended that people with sensitive skin do a previous test of the product before applying it fully on the skin. It is important to advise that artists must use ingredients of proven quality so that the final product maintains its high quality. People who have experienced allergic reactions to Jagua usually report rashes that are more like red bumps. These should not be confused with the allergic reactions produced by the use of HENNA NEGRA which contains PPD. Allergic reactions to JAGUA will not leave a lasting scar. In general, the rashes caused by JAGUA can be treated with some anti-itch cream, however it will always be much better to see your personal doctor.


Artists whose clients may have sensitive skin are recommended to take extra precautions and follow these steps:

1- Inform to your customers that there is a possibility to have allergies. (Approx. 5% of people are allergic to Jagua)

2- Do a small test on the wrist & wait for 10-15 days to be ensure no allergic reaction takes place. For the test, you can use patches or create a little stain on your customer skin

3- If everything goes well, enjoy the Jagua! 



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