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Jagua Powder for Body Art, temporary powder ink for tattoos, for mehndi art. The only Powder manufactured under the modern freeze dehydration process (Freeze-dried). Jagua juice dehydrated Powder concentrated. Our Jagua Powder is Pure and 100% Natural and Vegan, No Tested In Animal, Our Jagua Powder is made from the Genipa Americana Fruit extracted juice of the Peruvian amazonian, with the freshest under strict cosmetic quality controls and tested in the best laboratories in the world.

The stain of Jagua Powder is so strong and you have to be careful not to touch it directly because you will have a beautiful undesired stain on your skin.

Our Jagua Powder does not need refrigeration and lasts more than 4 years, which makes it extremely easy to travel with it anywhere.


2.0 gr Jagua Powder
24 ml pure water
0.5 gr of Xanthan Gum
1.5 ml of essential oil

For every 2 gr of Jagua Powder, mix 0.5 gr of Xanthan gum & 5 gr of sugar. Add 24 ml of hot water and mix until the mixture dissolves completely in the water. Jagua powder is 100% water soluble.

Stir until you find the desired consistency; take some generous time to stir it until the thickener does its job. Finally, add the 1.5 ml oil and stir again until you have a uniform gel able to go out the needle. Now you can place the gel in an applicator or in a cone and let your imagination fly by making beautiful designs.

Due to the nature of the product, designs created with powder always dry quickly and sometimes they usually create hard layers, this is normal!

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Care Instructions

Clean the part of the skin to be painted with alcohol.

Do a self-test before using the product.

Storage Instructions

Jagua Powder will last more than 2 year without refrigeration & can even be refrigerated to prolong its life. 

Jagua Powder must remain in proper conditions; away from moisture or very dry places.

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